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Tourist information kiosk in Trastevere - Practical information Rome

Three of Rome‘s tourist information kiosks are reopening their doors after having been closed because of the coronavirus. As of June 12th, the so-called PIT at the Via dei Fori Imperiali near the Colosseum, the one at the Via del Corso and the one at the Castel Sant’Angelo will again supply maps, brochures and other information. Some of the new, smaller offices called P.Stops (Via Zanardelli, Porta Maggiore, Esquilino, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza della Città Leonina) are reopening.

Tourist Information Rome

APT, PIT and P.Stop

Tourist information office Rome
Tourist office in Via dei Fori Imperiali

There are three different kinds of tourist information office in Rome. The APT only has one office, in the Via Parigi (a short walk from Termini). There are also a number of socalled PITs (Tourist Information Points). These are located near the biggest attractions, at the airports and at the railway station. They are not always equally helpful.

APT Tourist Information Office

Rome’s tourist office is called APT, which is short for Azienda provinciale del Turismo, and can be found in the Via Parigi, 5 (metro line A: Repubblica). This is just a short walk from Termini Station: Look for the main exit and cross the central bus square, Piazza dei Cinquecento. Continue straight ahead towards Piazza della Repubblica and pass this on the right. The second street on your right is Via Parigi. Here you can get free maps of Rome and various brochures with information about the city.

PIT Tourist Information Kiosks

Trastevere Tourist information Rome
Tourist Office Rome

Independent from the APT there are also a number of Rome information points. These can be found at the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino, at Roma Termini and near the biggest tourist attractions. Don’t expect helpful or friendly service.

The tourist information offices are not allowed to book Rome hotels for you. Upon request they are allowed to give you lists of accommodations in Rome.

The information kiosks also sell the Roma Pass, the Roma 48 Hours Pass and the Archeobus. There are (fairly random) brochures about some of the current events and exhibitions. L’Evento, a monthly magazine of what goes on in Rome is sometimes, but not always, available.

As of 2014 the Information Points of the city also sell official maps and Rome guides.

Location Tourist Information Points

The Punti Informativi Turistici can be found in the following locations:

The arrival halls of the airports of Ciampino (near the luggage pick up point) and Fiumicino. In Ciampino this is near the luggage pick up point and in Fiumicino in the arrival hall terminal T3).

Barberini: Located in the Via di San Basilio, 51 and also the main office of the Department for the Promotion of Tourism and Fashion. Yes, tourism and fashion!

Termini: In the hallway that runs between the railway station’s track 24 and the Via Giolitti.

Nazionale: About halfway down the Via Nazionale (in front of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni).

Fori Imperiali: In the Via dei Fori Imperiali. With your back towards the Colosseum, cross the street and turn left.

Minghetti: On the corner of the Via del Corso and the Via Marco Minghetti (6 blocks from Piazza Venezia).

The PIT Navona is not in the Piazza Navona itself but in the Piazza delle Cinque Lune, slightly to the north of Rome’s most beautiful square.

Castel Sant’Angelo: In the Piazza Pia along the Lungotevere Vaticano. With your back to the river, walk on the left past the castle.

A new office is about to be opened in the Tiburtina Railway Station, which has become a lot more important recently.

There is one PIT outside the city, on the corner of the Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli and the Piazza Anco Marzio in Ostia Lido, Rome‘s beach resort.

Opening Hours

Most of the tourist information kiosks are open from  9.30 AM until 7 PM. Exceptions are the ones in Ciampino (closes at 6.30 PM), in Fiumicino and in Termini (both open until 7.30 PM). The main office at Barberini is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


The P.Stop is the latest addition to Rome‘s tourist information offices. The offices are very small and are located next to public toilets, which explains the name. At the P.Stops maps are not handed out for free, but you have to pay for them. The toilets tend to be cleaner than the already existing ones, however.

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  1. Steve Moran says:

    Is the Archaeologia card still available for 25e and includes Colosseum/Roma Forum/Palatine hill, National Roman Museums(4),Caracalla Baths, 2 sites on Appia Antica?

    1. reneadm says:

      Hi Steve,

      Unfortunately not, it was discontinued a couple of years ago. Although there was talk of them reintroducing it at some point, this never happened, and all references to the Archeologia Card have disappeared from the official sites.



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