Tower House Anagni (Casa Torre)

One of the main attractions along the Via della Valle in Anagni is the medieval Casa Torre (“Tower House”). This ancient street runs from the Piazza Sant’Andrea, close to the Casa Barnekow, to the end of the Via Garibaldi, near the Porta San Francesco.

Casa Torre Anagni (“Tower House”)

Useful information

Address: Via della Valle, 55 – Anagni.

History and description

Via della Valle Anagni
Medieval houses in Via della Valle

The Via della Valle is one of the main streets with medieval houses in Anagni. The tower house is characterized by the thick walls that are common for this kind of dwelling, but also by more unusual characteristics such as the loggia and the external stairs. Both the loggia and the stairs have been walled off in the course of the centuries. That these additions were unusual for the time and place can be seen near the Acropolis, where there are still some surviving tower houses.

In the Renaissance period a wing was added to the structure. The portal with its pentagonal blocks of stone dates back to this period.

Casa Torre Anagni

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