Tre Ponti Necropolis Nepi

The necropolis located in the location known as Tre Ponti in Nepi was the southern cemetery of the ancient Roman city of Faleri Novi. Around this site, located more or less along the ancient Via Armerina consular road outside Nepi, a large number of tombs with funerary monuments can be seen.

Tre Ponti Necropolis Nepi

History and description

Tre Ponti Necropolis Nepi
Tre Ponti Necropolis

The Necropolis is located near the Fosso dei Tre Ponti (“Ditch of the Three Bridges”). Two of these three bridges no longer exist, but the the third one is very well preserved. A path down the hill leads to a rocky complex where a number of tombs can be seen.

The entire area is screened by a portico with an architrave, between two shields with bas-reliefs carved into the rock.

The inhospitable impression given by the wild vegetation surrounding the necropolis makes for a beautiful picturesque backdrop.

Continuing across the bridge one comes to a second ditch, the Rio Maggiore. Here the Roman bridge has completely collapsed. A (fairly difficult) path leads to a second complex, called the Tomba della Regina (“Queen’s Tomb”), consisting of two adjacent burial chambers.

The tombs in this area mostly date from a period between the 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD.

Tre Ponti Necropolis, Nepi

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