Trevinano (suburb Acquapendente)

Trevinano is a suburb of the town of Acquapendente in the province of Viterbo. Its main attractions are the castle and the Madonna della Quercia Church.

Trevinano (suburb Acquapendente)


Trevinano Acquapendente (castle wall)
Castle wall

Trevinano is located about 15 kilometers north of Acquapendente itself. It is of Etruscan origin and came into Roman hands about 4 centuries BC. Probably the original settlement was located where the present Castelluzzo is and the present center came into being during the time of the Carolingians (8th to 10th centuries).

In 1073 Trevinano was donated to the Santo Salvatore sul Monte Amiata Monastery.

During the Middle Ages, Trevinano, like all other villages and towns in the area, came under a succession of owners (including the Visconti and the Monaldeschi). In 1592, the Apostolic Chamber divided the town between the Simoncelli family and the descendants of the Monaldeschi‘s, before giving it to the Bourbon del Monte in 1687, when the Pope had appropriated the entire area.

What to see

The main attraction of Trevinano is the castle, which was probably built in the 12th century. On the entrance you can still see the coat of arms of the Monaldeschi della Cervara. At present it is owned by the Boncompagni-Ludovisi.

The Madonna della Quercia Church is located about a kilometer outside the built-up area. Its name, as can be read in a manuscript from 1782, is due to the miraculous appearance of the Madonna on the branches of an oak tree. However, the church was built earlier, in the 16th century. Near the altar, part of the trunk of the oak tree can be seen. The church was restored by Giuseppe Piazzai in 1721.

The Parish Church dates back to the Renaissance period and is officially called the Madonna Santissima sotto il mistero della Natività Church. The baroque altars of this church contain paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Trevinano (suburb of Acquapendente)

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