Trivigliano travel guide

Trivigliano is a small town of about two thousand inhabitants. It is located north of the provincial capital Frosinone in the Monti Ernici mountain range. It is characterized by a typical medieval historic center, with a city wall and narrow, picturesque alleys.

Trivigliano travel guide

Useful information

The address of the town hall is Via Roma, 9 – 03010 Trivigliano (Frosinone). Tel. +39 0775520213 or 0775520582. Area code: 0775. Zip code: 03010 There is no tourist office.

Public transportation: There are Co.tral buses from Alatri and from Fiuggi. However, these only run a few times a day. On Sundays Trivigliano cannot be reached by public transport.

Lago di Canterno Trivigliano
Lago di Canterno

Tourist attractions

Trivigliano has a typical medieval historic center, characterized by narrow alleys, small cozy squares and arches that connect the houses on either side of the streets. The main churches are the Maria Santissima Assunta Church and the Santa Oliva Church. The center is framed by what is left of the old city wall. Ruins can still be seen of the castle used to tower over the town.

Defensive structures

On the east side of the historic center, the damaged ruins of the old castle can be seen. Around the center are the remains of the city walls and the towers that used to be part of these structures. The alleys have not changed since the Middle Ages, although many buildings were constructed later.


The single nave Church of Santa Maria Assunta has an 18th-century appearance, with a 17th-century organ, a large altarpiece and a Romanesque baptismal font.

The Sant’Oliva Chapel is dedicated to the patron saint of Trivigliano. The highlight is a Renaissance fresco.

Outside the town

The main attraction in the countryside is the Madonna delle Grazie Hermitage.

For nature lovers, the biggest highlight is the Lago di Canterno.

A brief history of Trivigliano

Over the centuries, the history of Trivigliano has been closely linked to that of nearby Alatri. Especially during the Middle Ages, the town was a fief of a succession of important families. Eventually, the Colonna would provide some stability by exercising power from the 14th to the early 19th century.

Trivigliano is first mentioned in a document from the 10th century. The reason was a dispute with the Bishop of Alatri over the ownership of some pieces of land.

The town would soon after become a fiefdom of the same Alatri. It remained attached to this city until the 15th century, with short intervals during which different families held power.

In the 13th century, Trigliano was owned by Cardinal Gottifredo, only to fall briefly into the hands of the Caetani family. The latter was commissioned by Pope Boniface VIII, himself a member of this family.

In 1366, Trivigliano and Alatri tried to get out from under the Pope’s authority. Neither were successful.

After this, the city came into the hands of the Colonna family, a situation that did not change until 1816.

How to get to Trivigliano by car

From Frosinone follow SR155 north. From Rome follow the same road in an easterly direction.

Trivigliano (Frosinone province, Latium region)

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