Tuttomondo (Keith Haring) Pisa

The graffito on the back wall of the monastery belonging to the Sant’Antonio Church in Pisa was painted by Keith Haring and is titled Tuttomondo. In 1990, a year after completing the work, Haring would die.

Tuttomondo (Keith Haring) Pisa

Address, Opening hours and Admission

The address of the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio is Piazza Sant’Antonio – Pisa. Tuttomondo is free to visit.

History Tuttomondo

Tuttomodo, Keith Haring Pisa

The graffito Tuttomondo (“The Whole World”) was painted in 1989 by the famous American artist Keith Haring on the back wall of the monastery of the Sant’Antonio Church in Pisa.

Keith Haring was born in Reading and began his artistic life painting large, unused billboards in the subway stations of New York and walls of abandoned warehouses and department stores.

In contrast to the ordinary workshops of Haring, the suburbs of the big city, Tuttomondo is painted in a central location, which is among other large works of art. What also deviates from his normal working method is that it was produced as a permanent, permanent work of art, with a title.

Tuttomondo (Keith Haring) – Piazza Sant’Antonio, Pisa

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