Umbria travel guide

Umbria is one of the most central regions of Italy. Its capital is Perugia. The region consists of two provinces, Perugia (the northern part) and Terni (the south). Outside the capital, the most famous cities are Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis, and Orvieto. Umbria is the only region in the country that does not border on either another country or the coast.

Umbria travel guide

Perugia province

Fontana Maggiore Perugia
Fontana Maggiore (Perugia)

The province of Perugia occupies about 75 percent of the region. The capital of the same name is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Other cities in the province worth a visit are Assisi, Città di Castello, Todi, Spoleto, Gubbio and Foligno.

Terni province

Terni is the smaller, and less well-known, of the two provinces that make up Umbria. Its capital is also called Terni and other popular tourist destinations are Narni and, especially, Orvieto.


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