Vallerano city guide

Vallerano is a small town in the province of Viterbo. The city is located 60 km north of Rome. The main attraction is the Madonna del Ruscello Sanctuary at the edge of the small medieval center.

Vallerano city guide

Tourist Information


Vallerano does not have a tourist information office. The city has around 2,400 inhabitants (2021). City code: 0761. ZIP code: 01030. City hall: Piazza A. Xerry De Caro, 13 (tel. +39 0761/751001).

By car/public transport

From Viterbo you follow the SP1 in southern direction and then the SP25. From Rome you follow the SR2 to Monterosi and then the SP1 and the SP36 to Fabrica di Roma, followed by the SP65.

The Roma Nord-railway line between the Stazione Flaminio in Rome and Viterbo stops in Vallerano. Flaminio is a stop on metro line A in Rome.


Like many cities in the area, during the middle ages Vallerano was the property of several families in succession, including the Di Vico, the Orsini, the Borgia and the Farnese, only to end up in the hands of the church.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions Vallerano

Madonna del Ruscello Church Vallerano
Madonna del Ruscello

Santuario della Madonna del Ruscello: 17th century church. Here a painter called Stefano Menicocci, who was restoring a Madonna fresco in the church, one day saw a tear of blood roll down the painting.

Chiesa del Crocifisso: This church is located just outside the city, on the road towards Fabrica di Roma. It contains a very old crucifix and is visited by thousands of pilgrims yearly. Most likely the church already existed in the 16th century, but its present aspect is the result of a restoration in 1747.

The Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo was built in 1751. The papal coat-of-arms is visible above its entrance. Its organ, constructed by the Alari family (1756), is noteworthy.

The Chiesa della Pieve is a 12th century church, with some faint traces of ancient wall paintings inside. Out of use.

The Borgo Medioevale is the small medieval historical center of Vallerano.

More Tourist Attractions Vallerano

  • Church of San Vittore Martire
  • The 17th century Chiesa dell’Oratorio is not in use at the moment.

Vallerano, province of Viterbo

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