Vasto travel guide

Vasto is a town in the southern part of Abruzzo, not far from the border with Molise. It was founded on a hilltop not far from the sea and has a beautiful historical center. In the 16th century, it was known as the “Athens of the Abruzzi”.

Vasto travel guide

Useful information

Tourist information: Piazza del Popolo 18 – Vasto (+39 0873367312).

Town hall: Piazza Barbacani, 2 – 66054 Vasto (tel: +39 0873310233).

Railway station: The town’s train station is located about 2 kilometres south of Vasto Marina. From here one can take a bus to both Vasto Marina and Vasto itself. There are direct train connections to Pescara and Termoli.

Tourist attractions

Castello Caldoresco Vasto
The castle built by Giacomo Caldara

The biggest remainder of the Roman settlement is what is left of the Amphitheater. The area where this monument used to be is now taken up by the Piazza Gabriele Rossetti.

The main church of the city is the Duomo, dedicated to San Giusepps.

The enormous palace of Giacomo Caldora was later enhanced by the D’Avalos.

A brief history of Vasto

Vasto as we know it now was founded in the 12th century, on the site of an earlier settlement called Histonium.

This ancient city had developed in the 5th century BC, by a people called Frentani. The main reason for the settlement is that the Frentani wanted to enhance the Punta della Penna landing site, thus increasing its commercial power.

Toward the end of the Middle Ages, Vasto became the property of Gacomo Caldora, who had the fortifications protecting the village strengtened.

From 1497 till the unification of Italy, the town was ruled by the Marquises D’Avalos.

How to get to Vasto by car

Vasto is located along the A14 (toll road) and the SS16, both of which run along the Adriatic coast. The SP212 street road provides a link to the province’s interior.


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