Venezia Nuova neighborhood Livorno

Venezia Nuova is the name of an extremely picturesque neighborhood in Livorno. As the name suggests, this neighborhood is characterized by the many canals that run through it. The main attraction in the district is the Fortezza Nuova.

Venezia Nuova neighborhood Livorno

History and desciprion

Fortezza Nuova Livorno
Fortezza Nuova

The narrow canals that run through Venezia Nuova (“New Venice”) were constructed in the 17th century. The city had studied and copied the Venetian way of reclaiming land from the sea.

The district is extremely picturesque, with towpaths along the water, and buildings along the banks that look just dilapidated enough. There are no gondolas, though.

Although Venezia Nuova was also severely damaged during the war, the district still retained its picturesque character.

What to see in Venezia Nuova

Of the Fortezza Nuova, which has unfortunately not been maintained very well, canals run to the 60-year-old Fortezza Vecchia, which stands along the shoreline.

The Piazza dei Domenicani is at the north end of Via Borra.

The 18th century Santa Caterina Church is located in this square. It is characterized by its huge dome.

The Palazzo dei Domenicani, a former convent near the Santa Caterina Church, is also in the square.

The San Ferdinando Church was built in the early 18th century. The main attraction in the church is Giovanni Baratta’s sculpture group depicting the “Liberation of the Slaves.”

The Chiesa del Luogo Pio has been desecrated and is used almost exclusively for exhibition performances.

The late 17th-century Forte San Pietro used to house the municipal slaughterhouses . Now it is the city’s water treatment plant.

The Palazzo del Refugio is an 18th-century building that used to be an orphanage but is now divided into private apartments.

Venezia Nuova, Livorno