Via Alessandrina Rome

The Via Alessandrina is a street in the Monti district in Rome. The street, which is pedestrian only, runs along Trajan’s Markets and the Fori Imperiali.

Via Alessandrina Rome

History and description

In the 16th century the Via Alessandrina was the main street of the Alessandrino district. This district was created by Cardinal Michele Bonelli, who was born in the Alessandria province in the north of Italy. It is not to be confused with the present quartiere Alessandrino, which is in a completely different part of the city.

Nothing is left of the original Alessandrino district. In the 1930’s Mussolini had the Via dei Fori Imperiali constructed and in order to achieve this the entire area had to be destroyed. Four thousand people were evicted and forced to move to ugly new suburbs at the edge of the city.,

One of the streets that disappeared in those days was the Via di Campo Carleo, that used to connect the Via Alessandrina with the rione Monti. This street was first replaced by a wooden bridge over the Fori Imperiali, which was in its turn replaced by a version made of concrete and iron, which caused a lot of damage to the wall it was anchored to.

Between 2007 and 2013, the Via Alessandrina was closed because of restoration works. Together with its reopening a new Passerella di Campo Carleo was inaugurated.

Via Alessandrina Rome

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