Via Benedetto Croce Naples

The first part of the long stretch of road in Naples that is known as Spaccanapoli is called Via Benedetto Croce. This street starts at the Piazza Gesù Nuovo and ends at the Piazza San Domenico. It is named after the philosopher Benedetto Croce, who used to live in the street.

Via Benedetto Croce Naples


In the course of its history the Via Benedetto Croce has had many names. The last name before the current one was Strada di Nido2. it sported this name for about three centuries. Before that it was called Via della Trinità Maggiore, after the official name of the church commonly known as Gesù Nuovo. For a very short time its name was Via Mariano Semmola.

Archaeological finds have shown that in Roman times what is now the Via Benedetto Croce was probably a continuation to the west of the decumano inferiore.

Attractions in the street are the Santa Chiara Basilica, the Casa Professa del Gesù Nuovo, the Santa Marta Church, the Palazzo Filomarino della Rocca, the Palazzo Venezia, the palazzo Tufarelli, the Palazzo dei Carafa della Spina and the right side of the Palazzo Petrucci.

The 14th century Palazzo Filomarino della Rocca (n. 12) is the building where Benedetto Croce died in 1952. The Italian Institute for Historical Studies, founded by Croce, has its seat in the piano nobile.

The Palazzo Venezia (n. 19) was the seat of the Venetian Ambassador from 1412 till the fall of the Republic.

The Palazzzo Carafa della Spina (n.45) was constructed toward the end of the 16th century. The open jaws of the lions decorating the 18th century portal used to contain candles that were spent as soon as the family arrived home.

Via Benedetto Croce, Naples