Via Casilina Rome

The Via Casilina (SS6) is an originally medieval road, leading from Rome all the way to the Campania region. The street begins just outside the Porta Maggiore and ends at the municipality of Pastorano in the province of Caserta. Here the Via Casilina meets the Via Appia Antica and continues under this name to the south of Italy.

Via Casilina Rome


The Via Casilina connected Rome with Casilinum, which was the river port of ancient Capua. Meanwhile, Casilinum has become modern Capua and what used to be Capua is called Santa Maria Capua Vetere. The street was constructed using stretches of the already existing Via Labicana and Via Latina.

The original route ended at Labicanum, which is now called Monte Compatri. This also explained the name at the time. To make it all even more complicated, there is still a Via Labicana in Rome, but in a different part of the city.

At Monte Compatri, the Via Labicana turned into the Via Latina, which ended at Casilinum.


Via Casilina Rome
Building near the beginning of the Via Casilina.

The total length of Via Casilina is about 200 kilometers. Driving all the way down the road, one passes a number of interesting cities and beautiful natural landscapes.

From the Porta Maggiore, the street heads east out of the city. Once outside Rome, the Via Casilina continues more or less parallel to the Autostrada del Sole in a southerly direction.

The road passes right through the provincial capitals of Frosinone and Cassino, finally merging into the Via Appia at Pastorano.

Via Casilina Rome

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