Via Cavour Rome

The Via Cavour is a historical street in Rome. It is one of the city’s most important streets, connecting the main railway station Termini to the archaeological area of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.

Via Cavour Rome

History and description

Via Cavour Rome (corner Serpenti)
Via Cavour

The part of the Via Cavour nearest to Roma Termini is located in the rione Castro Pretorio. The rest is located in the rione Monti. Originally the fa├žade of the station used to reach as far as the street.

The Via Cavour is named after Camillo Cavour, the first prime minister of a unified Italy (1861).

Nowadays the Via Cavour is an extremely busy street lined with restaurants, bed and breakfasts and hotels.

Tourist Attractions

Salita dei Borgia Rome
Salita dei Borgia

The main tourist attraction along the Via Cavour is the Basilica of Saint Mary Major (though its entrance is not on the Via Cavour side).

Just pas the Cavour metro station, you will see some steps covered by an archway on your left. At the top of these steps you will find the Basilica of Saint Peter in Chains (San Pietro in Vincoli), with Michelangelo‘s famous Moses statue. The steps themselves are known as the Salita dei Borgia.

Restaurant Recommendations Via Cavour

Some good and famous Rome restaurants along the Via Cavour are the Enoteca 313, the trattoria Valentino (which serves typical Roman dishes) and the Chinese restaurant Wong Ho. In general it is good to be a bit careful when picking a restaurant along this street, since the majority is overpriced and of low quality. Unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably considering its location, many of the traditional osterie in the Via Cavour have disappeared, to make place for fast food restaurants.

Via Urbana

In case the crowds and the traffic on the Via Cavour are too much for you, you could turn right and then left as soon as you reach Saint Mary Major. The Via Urbana runs parallel to the Via Cavour itself and is an alley rather than a street, with many old-fashioned shops and also a good number of affordable restaurants. Finnegan‘s pub has several tv-screens showing football matches from the most important European leagues.

Via Cavour, Rome

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