Via Cernaia Turin

With its 950 meters, the Via Cernaia is one of the longest streets in the center of Turin. The street owes its name to battlefield victory in the 19th century, albeit with a twist. The Via Cernaia connects the Piazza XVIII Dicembre to the Piazza Solferino.

Via Cernaia Turin

Useful information

Public transport: Tram: 4, 7, 13, 16CD; Bus: 13 navetta, 15 ROSA, 19, 29, 51, 56, 59 /, 59, 72 /, 72, N10, W01.

History and description

Grattacielo RAI Turin
The Skyscraper of the RAI

The Crimean War, between the Russian Empire on the one hand, and an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, Great Britian, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia, took place between 1853 and 1856. After peace had been established in the Paris Congrees of 1856, it was decided to name the street after the victory. However, the chosen name, Čërnaja,turned out to be rather problematic. Firstly, it was hard to pronounce, and secondly, it sounded exactly like a word in the local dialect for female genitalia. And thus, the name was changed to Cernaia.

In order to be able to lay the street, part of the embankments of the old citadel had to be destroyed.

What to see

The main attraction along the street is what is left of the Citadel. This used to be the main defensive structure in the city, but now only the main tower is still visible.

Part of the structure was replaced by the “Cernaia” Carbinieri Barracks, constructed in 1864.

The Museo Pietro Micca is dedicated to a soldier who sacrificed his life defending the city in 1706.

A statue of Pietro Micca can be seen on the corner with the Corso Galileo Ferraris. It was made in 1864, by Giuseppe Cassano.

Three years later, the same sculptor created the statue of Alessandro La Marmora, who founded the Bersaglieri (a troop of marksmen) in 1836 for the Royal Sardinian Army.

The RAI Skyscraper was constructed in 1968. At the moment the building is not being used.

Via Cernaia, Turin

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