Via Chiaia Naples

The Via Chiaia is located in the Chiaia district of Naples and is among the city’s most famous shopping streets. The street connects Piazza Trieste e Trento with Piazza dei Martiri. When the street was built, it ran along the coast, but today it runs along the landside of the Villa Comunale.

Via Chiaia Naples

History and description

Via Chiaia Naples
Via Chiaia

Although the Via Chiaia is mainly known as an elegant and prestigious shopping street, there is much more to enjoy. It is flanked by several mansions, including the famous Villa Pignatelli.

The street name comes from the Spanish word for beach, playa, and dates back to the time when the House of Aragon used to rule the city.

The street is also very lively in the evening as there are all kinds of restaurants and the combination of eateries and boutiques naturally attracts many strollers.

What to see in the Via Chiaia

Palazzo Cellamare (n. 149): Built in the 16th century, this palace was intended as a summer residence for Giovan Francesco Carafa. Guests who have stayed there include Casanova and Goethe.

Arch or bridge?

Via Chiaia bridge, Napels

The apparent triumphal arch over the street is in reality a bridge built in 1636 connecting the Pizzofalcone and Mortella hills.

Side streets of the Via Chiaia

The Via Gaetano Filangieri is among Naples’ most exclusive streets.

The Via dei Mille is characterised by its trendy shops and palazzi built in the Art Nouveau style.

Via Chiaia, Napoli

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