Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross)

In 2022. after an absence of two years, the Via Crucis celebration will again be held at the Colosseum in Rome. The event will be celebrated by Pope Francis himself at 21.15 on Good Friday. Because of the Covid crisis, the past two years the event has taken place at St. Peter’s Square, without audience.

Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) Rome

The Way of the Cross or Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis, also called Via Dolorosa) is part of the Easter tradition in Catholic countries. It takes place on Good Friday (this year, 2022, on April 15) and can be seen as an imitation of the sufferings of Christ from the moment he left the courthouse (Pontius Pilatus’ abode) to his place of execution, the hill of Calvary (also known as Golgotha). In Rome, the Pope follows the

The word station is derived from the Latin word statio, meaning “standing still”.

There are 14 official stations, though not all of these are specifically mentioned in the Bible itself. The stations all refer to different stages of Jesus’ last journey to the Golgotha.

Pope John Paul II started the tradition of a public prayer on Good Friday. The Pope will walk from the Colosseum to the Palatine Hill from where he will hold a speech.

Note that on Good Friday 2014 the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill will close at 2PM.

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