Via dei Musei Brescia

The 800-meter Via dei Musei is one of the most important streets in Brescia‘s historic center. The street is flanked by a number of Roman monuments, including the Tempio Capitolino and the Forum. Other highlights include the Museo della Città in the Santa Giulia Monastery and the Santa Maria in Solaro Church.

Via dei Musei Brescia

History and Description

The Via dei Musei follows the route of the ancient Roman decumano massimo, the road that used to traverse the city from east to west.

Along the street are several mansions and churches.

Immediately after the small but picturesque Piazza Tito Speri there is a tunnel under the Cidnéo hill, connecting the historic center with the new housing estates on the north side of the city.

The octagonal Santa Maria della Carità Church is counted among the most important Baroque churches in Lombardy.

The street widens when it reaches Piazza del Foro.

At its end, it runs parallel to the south side of the San Salvatore and Santa Giulia Convent.

Via dei Musei, Brescia