Via del Cane Perugia

Via del Cane is a street on the north side of the historic center of Perugia and has one of the most beautiful panoramas the city has to offer. In order to enjoy them, special holes were created in the city walls.

Via del Cane Perugia

History and Description

In 1968, special openings was made in the ancient city walls. These allow a gorgeous view over the medieval district of Porta Sant’Angelo.

Porta Sant’Angelo is dominated by the early Christian, round temple after which the district is also named. Another notable building is the University for Foreigners, housed in the enormous Palazzo Gallenga.

What is particularly striking about the view is that there are no modern apartment buildings to be seen. Firstly, the environment (the area being particularly steep) does not lend itself to this, and secondly, here you are on the north side of the city.

Via del Cane, Perugia

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