Via del Corso Rome

Palazzi in the Via del Corso

The Via del Corso is the main shopping street in Rome and is one of the few central streets in the center that is running in a straight line. It runs from north to south and its 1,5 kilometers connect the Piazza del Popolo to the Piazza Venezia. The northern half of the street is pedestrian and the ground floor of almost every building in that part has been transformed into shopping space.

Via del Corso Rome


Via del Corso Rome
Via del Corso

The Via del Corso used to be known as the Via Lata. In the 15th century Pope Paul II had the name changed to its present one, corso being the word for an annual horse race along the entire street. After an accident that caused a death in the year 1883 the race was banned, but the street kept its name.

In 1900 the Via del Corso was re-baptized Corso Umberto I, after King Umberto, but in 1944, when the royal house had lost its popularity because of the war (two years later the royal family was even exiled), the name was changed to Corso del Popolo and then, in 1946, back to Via del Corso.

The total length of the Via del Corso is about 1,5 kilometer (slightly under a mile). The ground floor of almost every building lining the street (especially it northern half, between the Piazza del Parlamento and the Piazza del Popolo) is now taken up by shops, including one of Rome’s most prestigious malls, the Galleria Alberto Sordi.

Most of the shops along the Via del Corso are chain stores, although there are of course also some more exclusive and prestigious boutiques. The most upmarket stores of Rome can however be found along its prestigious and picturesque side streets, like the Via Condotti.

The Via del Corso is a pedestrian street, but taxi’s and cars with special permits are allowed to pass.

Tourist Attractions Via del Corso Rome

Although none of Rome’s top 10 tourist attractions can be found directly along the Via del Corso, it is still an interesting street for the discerning tourist, even if this tourist is not there for the shopping.

Starting along the Piazza Venezia side, one of the first buildings on the left is the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, housing an impressive gallery of paintings under the name Galleria Doria Pamphilj.

The baroque church of San Marcello al Corso can be found almost directly across from the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj.

Still on the left side of the street, further op the road, is the Museo del Corso, which often hosts interesting exhibitions.

When you are halfway up the Via del Corso you will find the Piazza Colonna, with the column (colonna) celebrating the victory of Marcus Aurelius over the German tribes in the 2nd century. Palazzo Chigi, the residence of the Prime Minister of Italy, is located on the Piazza Colonna.

Shopping in the Via del Corso

North of the Piazza del Parlamento the Via del Corso becomes a pedestrian zone and the street becomes completely dedicated to shops of all kinds and for all budgets.

Some of the most famous brand names in the world can be found along the Via del Corso:

Ladies’ fashion: Celyn B. (number 35) Ethic (number 85) Zara (number 138)
Sandro Ferrone (number 151) Louisa Spagnoli (number 154) Class (number 293) Sisley (number 415)

For the latest trends:

Effetti Moda (number 94)
Killah (number 100)
Diesel (number 186)
Energie (number 179)
Miss Sixty (number 511)

For men’s clothes:

Fellini (number 29)
Stefanel (number 123)
David Saddler (number 104)
Sette Camicie (number 416)
Nuvolari (number 502)


Murphy & Nye (number 25, Sailing gear)
Footlocker (number 39)
Lacoste (number 61)
puma (number 403)
Adidas (number 475)
Nile (number 478)


Michael Negrin (jewelry, number 2)
Tezenis (kids’ underwear, number 148)
Disney (number 165)
Frette (luxury linens and pajamas)
Segue (bags, suitcases, number 377)

The aforementioned Galleria Alberto Sordi, a prestigious mall, is located across the road from Piazza Colonna.

Special Events

  • The Via del Corso is the main street for Rome’s annual carnival parade.
  • The best period to visit the Via del Corso is during the Christmas period, when it is one of the most beautifully decorated streets in the world. If you find yourself in Rome in the weeks leading up to this event, it is recommended that you take a late evening stroll through the area.

Via del Corso – Rome

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