Via del Fagutale Rome

The Via del Fagutale is a street in the Monti district of Rome. It runs parallel to (but a lot higher than) Via degli Annibaldi and connects Piazza San Francesco di Paola with Via Nicola Salvi. Its only landmarks are the Torre degli Annibaldi and the Torre dei Borgia.

Via del Fagutale Rome

History and description

Via Annibaldi and Via Fagutale Rome
Via del Fagutale on the left, Via Annibaldi (lower) on the right.

The Via del Fagutale was once nameless. Later, the street was called Via Barnaba Tortolini for a time, until another street in the Pinciano district was given this name.

The current name is due to the fact that there used to be a beech forest on what was then called the Mons Fagutalis (faggio is the Italian word for “beech”) and was one of the three hilltops that made up Monte Esquilino. (The other two were the Colle Oppio and the Colle Cispio.)

There are only two tourist attractions on the Via del Fagutale, if you don’t count the view towards the Colosseum. Of the Torre degli Annibaldi not much remains, but which does have an interesting history. The Torre dei Borgia has been incorporated in the San Francesco di Paola Church and if you want to have a good view of it you need to walk around this church and climb the steps to the Piazza San Pietro in Vincoli.

Via del Fagutale – Rome

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