Via della Cava Orvieto

The medieval district around the Via della Cava is one of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods in Orvieto‘s historic center. It is characterized by narrow alleys and small houses that have sometimes been partially carved into the tufa rock. The main point of interest is the originally Etruscan well known as Pozzo della Cava.

Via della Cava Orvieto

Via della Cava

Via della Cava Orvieto
Building in the Via della Cava

The Via della Cava is the main street through the middle of the medieval quarter. On Via della Cava n.7 it is possible to visit underground rooms carved into the rock.

Pozzo della Cava

Pozzo della Cava Orvieto
Pozzo della Cava

Slightly further down the road, a 36-meter-deep well known as the Pozzo della Cava was discovered in 1984. The small well is of Etruscan origin, but was modified in 1527 by order of Pope Clement VII. This pope, fearing that the city would run out of water in the event of a siege, would later have other wells constructed. In the lowest part of the well, completely dug into the tuff stone rock, you can see the spring water.

Visiting Pozzo della Cava

Address: Via della Cava, 28 – Tel. +39 0763 342373 – 09:00 to 20:00. Closed: Monday. Ticket: 3 Euros.

Porta Maggiore

Another interesting point of interest in the medieval district is the Porta Maggiore, which used to be the entrance to the neighborhood. It is the oldest city gate in Orvieto and is also carved into the rock. Walking from this gate along the city wall, one arrives at the San Giovanni Church, from where one can enjoy a beautiful view.

Via della Cava , Orvieto

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