Via delle Fortezze Viterbo

The Via delle Fortezze starts at the Porta Romana and then continues along part of the ancient city wall of Viterbo.

Via delle Fortezze Viterbo

History and description

The initial part of the Via delle Fortezze is almost entirely taken up by a parking lot. Opposite one can see a part of the old city walls.

Behind this church is the newly restored Porta Vallia, an ancient city gate that is not accessible to vehicular traffic. The gate is also called Porta di San Leonardo or Porta del Crocifisso, because of a painting on its interior. In the Middle Ages, the gate connected the center of the city with the Via Cimina through a street that used to pass underneath the Torre di San Biele. In the 16th century, this gate was bricked up.

The Via delle Fortezze then continues past the Porta San Pietro, to arrive at the Porta Fiorita, the gateway to the Pianoscarano district.

The Santa Maria delle Fortezze Church that used to be located along the street was almost completely destroyed in World War II.

Via delle Fortezze Viterbo

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