Via Maestà delle Volte Perugia

The Via Maestà delle Volte is a very picturesque alley in the center of Perugia, characterized by a multitude of arches and vaults (hence the volte). It runs downhill, towards Piazza Cavallotti, and is flanked by multiple beautiful buildings.

Via Maestà delle Volte Perugia

History and description

Via Maestà delle Volte Perugia
Via Maestà delle Volte

In earlier times the Via Maestà delle Volte used to be a narrow passsage covered by the vaults that supported a hall of the Palazzo della Podestà, destroyed by fire in 1534 and connected to the Palazzo delle Canoniche.

On the right is the 16th century Palazzo del Seminario, the current seat of the Museo Capitolare di San Lorenzo. The left side of the street is formed by the back of the Palazzo Vescovile.

At the end of the street one faces the façade of the Maestà delle Volte Church, built between 1580 and 1590 over a 14th century oratory, of which only a red and white striped arch remains. This oratory had been restored and decorated in the 15th century by Agostino di Duccio. Fragments of the sculptures he made can be admired in the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria. Pomarancio designed the dome of this former church, now a store selling religious attire, in 1568.

Via Maestà delle Volte Perugia

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