Via Nolana Naples

The main claim to fame of the Via Nolana in Naples is its vibrant street market. The Mercato di Porta Nolana is a loud, gritty street market where the smells of the fishmongers’ stalls collide with the ones of the delis and bakeries. You can find anything from luscious tomatoes and mozzarella to golden-fried street snacks, cheap luggage, bootleg CDs and contraband cigarettes.

Via Nolana Naples

History and description

Via Nolana Naples
Via Nolana

The Via Nolana starts at the Porta Nolana, which it is named after, and ends at the Corso Umberto I. The market has been in existence since the 15th century. According to legend, in the past the vendors used to paint the eyes of the fish to make them seem fresher.

The market is open every day, from 07:00 till 13:00.

The street is lined with grocery stores and take away restaurants, often run by Bangladeshi.

What to see

The main attraction is the Porta Nolana at the beginning of the street. This ancient city gate, though not small itself, almost seems to be crushed between the two enormous cylindrical towers flanking it.

Useful information

Though the neighborhood looks slightly rundown, and some reviews suggest that the area might not seem like the safest place in town, it is generally considered safe during day time. As always though, markets are markets, and markets are crowded, and where there are crowds there are pick-pockets, so be aware of what happens around you.

Via Nolana Naples

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