Via Pietro Micca Turin

The Via Pietro Micca begins at Piazza Castello and leads to Piazza Solferino, thus being the connecting road between two of Turin‘s most important squares. Both the façade of the San Tommaso Church and several surrounding palaces were designed by Carlo Ceppi.

Via Pietro Micca Turin

Useful information

Via Pietro Micca is just over a kilometer from Turin’s central train station. Turn left into Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Turn right into the Corso Re Umberto. Walk through Piazza Solferino until you reach the beginning of Via Pietro Micca. (At the end of the street you will find Piazza Castello.)

History and description

Ceppi and Sachetti

The street is characterized, especially in the first part, by a multiplicity of styles, the work of the architect Carlo Ceppi. The central part of the street is largely due to the designs of the engineer S. Sachetti.

Via Pietro Micca tourist attractions

Ceppi was also responsible for the 1897 realized new facade of the 16th century Franciscan San Tommaso Church.

Via Pietro Micca, Turin

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