Via Posillipo Naples

The Via Posillipo in Naples is a continuation of the Via Mergellina and runs for more or less 4 kilometers along the coastline of the city. When it reaches the Villa Roseberry it veers off inland before continuing as the Via Santa Strato. Before the construction of the street, the Posillipo neighborhood could only be reached from the historical center of Naples via either the sea or the steep Rampe di Sant’Antonio.

Via Posillipo Naples

History and description

Palazzo Donn'Anna, Via Posillipo Naples
Palazzo Donn’Anna

The Via Posillipo was constructed as part of a general renovation programme affecting the city between 1812 and 1823 by Giocchino Murat. Until then the Posillipo district was not really considered to be part of Naples itself, but was kind of lumped in with the volcanic area known as the Campi Flegrei.

The works also included the Via Santo Strato and later, under King Ferdinand IV, its continuation, the Discesa di Coroglio. This latter descent ends at the access point to the island of Nisida.

When the works were completed, the Crypta Neapolitana became obsolete.

What to see

Villa Rosebery, Via Posillipo Naples
Villa Rosebery

The most famous building along the Via Posillipo is the picturesque Palazzo Donn’Anna. The mistress of this building, according to legend, was known to throw her lovers off the cliff it was constructed on, once she was done with them.

The Villa Rosebery was constructed in the beginning of the 19th century, but owes its name to Archibald Philip Primrose, count of Rosebery, who bought it in 1897. It is now state property.

Other villas are the Villa Pavoncelli and the Villa Rocca Romana.

The ospizio Marino Padre Ludovico da Casoria (Via Posillipo, 24) was construced in 1875. This religious complex, that used to assist sailors, contains two churches on its grounds.

From the higher parts of the Via Posillipo, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas. Here and there you also see stairways that seem to lead nowhere in particular.

Useful information

Public transport: Bus 140, N7.

Via Posillipo, Naples

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