Via Saffi Viterbo

The Via Saffi is one of the most important streets in the centre of Viterbo and connects the Piazza Fontana Grande with the Piazza delle Erbe.

Via Saffi Viterbo

History and description

Tower, Via Aurelio Saffi Viterbo
Tower in the Via Saffi

At the spot where the Via Aurelio Saffi meets the Via della Pace, you will find the most beautiful tower in the district.

The Casa Poscia is one of the most important monuments of Viterbo. It was once the home of a young lady known as the Bella Galliana and is characterised by the typical Viterbian profferlo.

The offices of the Provincial Administration of Viterbo are spread out over a number of buildings in the Via Saffi.

The Sala Anselmi is a space where various exhibitions are organised.

Via Saffi Viterbo
Stretch of the Via Saffi

Via Saffi, Viterbo

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