Via San Gallo Florence

The Via San Gallo in Florence connects the Piazza della Libertà to the Piazza del Duomo. In addition to the many tourist attractions, the street is also known for the many bookshops that are located there.

Via San Gallo Florence

Public transport

The nearest bus stop is Salvestrina (lines 1, 7, 12, 25, C1).

History and description

The Via San Gallo starts at Piazza della Libertà, where there is a huge triumphal arch.

Thanks to the many bookshops, the street is often called Via dei Librai.

Important sights are the Porta San Gallo, the San Clemente Monastery, the Sant’Agata Church and the Loggia dei Tessitori.

A smaller church is the San Giovannino dei Cavalieri Church, which belongs to the Maltese Knights.

The most beautiful buildings are the Palazzo Pandolfini, the Palazzo Le Monnier, the Palazzo Socci and the Palazzo Fenzi.

Via San Gallo, Florence

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