Via San Martino Pisa

The Via San Martino runs parallel to the southern bank of the river Arno in Pisa. The main sights are the San Martino Church, the Palazzo Fraschetti, the Casa Tizzoni and the statue of Kinzica de Sismondi.

Via San Martino Pisa

Location and addresses

The Via San Martino runs from the Piazza della Pera to the Via Antonio Ceci. The most interesting buildings are the Casa Tizzoni (n. 21), the Palazzo Franchetti (n. 60) and the Palazzo Cevoli (n. 108)

History and description

Via San Martino runs south of the river Arno and follows the route of the Roman road that used to lead to Florence. In the Middle Ages, this street was the main street of the Kinzica district, where the city’s Arab, Turkish and Jewish merchants lived.

Today, the street is mainly characterized by the presence of many places to eat and drink, including an Irish and a Scottish pub and a middle-eastern restaurant called Al-Madina..

Tourist attractions

Via San Martino Pisa (Kinzica Statue)

The most famous attraction is the statue of Kinzica de’ Sigismondi. Kinzica was a legendary heroine, who, in the year 1004, during a sleepless night heard the murmur of approaching enemy troops and managed to warn the city’s population in time. The statue itself was part of a sarcophagus from the 3rd century.

Palazzo Franchetti is now the seat of the “Consortium for the Drainage of Rivers and Ditches”. It was built in the 19th century by merging two existing palaces. The allegories adorning the interior were painted by Agostino Ghirlanda. The original design was made in the 16th century by Bartolomeo Ammannati. It has a second facade on the Lungarno Galilei.

The 15th century Palazzo Cevoli also consists of two joined medieval houses. Inside the building some 13th century frescoes have been found.

The Casa Tizzoni also dates back to the Middle Ages. Fragments of pillars of the original building are still visible.

The San Martino Church is located in the Piazza San Martino.

Via San Martino, Pisa

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