Via San Pellegrino Viterbo

Via San Pellegrino Viterbo (profferlo)

The Via di San Pellegrino is the main street in the Pellegrino district of Viterbo. The street is mainly populated by artisans, artists and antique shops.

Via San Pellegrino Viterbo

History and description

Arches in the Via San Pellegrino

The Via di San Pellegrino starts at the Porta San Pietro and the Piazza degli Orfani, to reach the main square, Piazza San Pellegrino. The most beautiful building in this square is the Palazzo degli Alessandri.

Walking further, one arrives at the Piazza Scacciaricci, characterized by the typical Viterbian “profferlo”, which forms the entrance to one of the buildings.

Via San Pellegrino Viterbo (profferlo)
Via San Pellegrino

The next square along the street is called Piazza San Carluccio, characterized by a beautiful antique fountain on the right with the coats of arms of the Gatteschi and Anguillara families. The palace opposite the fountain used to be a home for the elderly.

The Via San Pellegrino is not be confused with the nearby Via dei Pellegrini.

Via San Pellegrino, Viterbo

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