Via di San Teodoro Rome

The Via di San Teodoro in Rome runs from the Roman Forum to the north eastern corner of the Circus Maximus. Its biggest attractions are some of the ruins on the Palatine Hill and the San Teodoro Church.

Via di San Teodoro Rome

Useful information

Attractions: San Teodoro Church (n. 7); Farmer’s Market (n. 74, Saturdays and Sundays from 08.00 till 15.00). Nearest bus stop: Cerchi/Bocca della Verita (51, 81, 85, 87, 118, 160, 628, 715, C3, nMC).

History and description

Via San Teodoro Rome (Palatine hill ruins)
Some of the ruins along the Via di San Teodoro.

The Via di San Teodoro more or less follows the route of the ancient Roman street Vicus Tuscus. This was the quickest connection between the Roman Forum and the Forum Boarium. At the time the Forum Boarium was the main commercial hub of the city.

Building in Via San Teodoro Rome
Building across from the Palatine Hill

The street starts at would nowadays be seen as the back of the Roman Forum. At several points there are beautiful views of parts of this Forum and of the western part of the Palatine Hill.

San Teodoro Church Rome
San Teodoro Church

The Chiesa di San Teodoro al Palatino already existed in the 6th century. This Greek-Orthodox church still has the original mosaics. The small square in front of the church was laid in 1705 by Carlo Fontana.

The Farmer’s Market is held (only in weekends and on public holidays) at the other end of the street, close to the Circus Maximus. Its 68 stalls only sell traditional products grown in the Lazio region. Before this market was opened, there used to be a fish market in this same spot.

Via di San Teodoro, Rome

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