Via Ugo Bassi Bologna

The Via Ugo Bassi is one of Bologna‘s most famous shopping streets. On the west side the street merges into the Via San Felice and on the east side into the Via Rizzoli. Ugo Bassi himself was a Catholic priest and freedom fighter.

Via Ugo Bassi Bologna

Useful information

Public transport: Bus 20, 29, 30.

History and description

The Via Ugo Bassi and Via Rizzoli run where the decumano massimo of the Roman city used to be located. This stretch of road was part of the Via Emilia, a consular road constructed in the 2nd century BC.

The current appearance of the street is the result of a reorganization that took place between the two World Wars. Toward the end of the 1930s, multiple buildings were expropriated and razed to the ground. Consequently, the architecture of some of the buildings shows some fascist elements. The architect of most of these palaces was Paolo Graziani. During the Fascist period, it was the street with the best hotels and eateries in the city.

Before the street received its current name in 1888, it had several names associated with the activities that took place there. Ugo Bassi himself was an Italian priest and patriot who was executed in 1849.

What to see

Palazzo Ghisilieri

Palazzo Ghisilieri (Via Ugo Bassi, 14) is situated on the spot where the houses of the medieval jurist Rolandino de’ Romanzi used to be. This is indicated by a plaque on the facade of the present building, erected by the Ghisilieri family in the 15th century. In the 19th century, the Swiss Brun family had it converted into the Hotel Brun. This luxury hotel was severely damaged in bombing raids during World War II.

Ugo Bassi Statue

Halfway down the street, you can see a bronze statue of the man for whom the street is named. It was created in the 19th century by sculptor C. Parmeggiani.

Palazzo della Zecca

The Palazzo della Zecca is the only historic building that survived the 1927 renovation, although only partially. It was designed in the 16th century by Francesco Terribilia or by Domenico Tibaldi. The monumental facade was moved to today’s Piazza Roosevelt.

Via Ugo Bassi Bologna

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