Vico nel Lazio city guide

Vico nel Lazio is a hill town in the north of the province of Frosinone in Lazio. One of the highest peaks of the Monti Ernici mountain range, Monte Monna, lies within the territory of the town. Vico’s biggest attraction is its well-preserved old city wall.

Vico nel Lazio city guide

Tourist information

Province: Frosinone. Region: Lazio. Postal code: 03010. Area code: 0775. Town hall: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 1 – 03010 Vico Nel Lazio. Suburb (Frazione): Pitoccho.

By car/public transportation

Vico nel Lazio is located on the provincial roads SP 148 and SP246 . The SP148 starts at the suburb Pitoccho.

The nearest train station is that of Frosinone. There are Co.Tra.L bus connections from Alatri, Ferentino, Fiuggi and Rome.


Medieval wall Vico nel Lazio
Part of the medieval wall.

Vico nel Lazio is located in the center of a region that was once home to the Hernici. This tribe was later conquered by the Romans. The town itself was founded around the 6th century. It was first owned by the church, but would become property of the Colonna family at end of the 15th century. This situation was to remain the same until the beginning of the 19th century.

Earliest history

The first inhabitants of the area where Vico nel Lazio is located were probably the Hernici. This was an Italian people, who inhabited the area around what is now Anagni. Long remaining independent, the Hernici were by the Romans towards the end of the 4th century BC.

Middle ages

Vico nel Lazio itself was probably founded in the 6th century. At that time, the Gothic king Teodorico II decreed a new division of the various populations in Latium. He gave large tracts of land to the shepherds of the region.

The first document mentioning the city dates back to the year 872. This is the year when Emperor Ludovico II came to the area to organize the fight against the Saracens.

Although the city was under papal authority for much of the Middle Ages, it enjoyed a degree of autonomy.

In the 11th century the city walls were built. These are very well preserved and have 3 city gates and 25 towers.

In the 13th century the town became subordinate to Alatri.

In 1427 Vico was assigned to Antonio Colonna. This happened by order of his uncle Oddone, wh was better known as Pope Martin V. The Colonna family exercised power in the town until 1816.

Modern era

In 1872, the name was changed from Vico to Vico del Lazio. The name Vico came from the Latin vicus, meaning “group of houses near a town” or “village.”

What to see

The historic center is surrounded by a city wall in good condition, with 25 towers and 3 gates. The most important historical building is the former summer residence of the Colonna family, the Palazzo del Governatore. This was also formerly used as the seat of the representative of the feudal lords. The most beautiful churches are the San Michele Arcangelo Church, the Santa Maria Church, the San Martino Church and the Sant’Antonio Church.

Vico nel Lazio, province of Frosinone