Vicolo del Campanile Rome

The Vicolo del Campanile is an alley in the Borgo district in Rome. The street connects the Via della Conciliazione and the Borgo Pio.

Vicolo del Campanile Rome

History and curiosities

The Vicolo del Campanile is named for the bell-tower of the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, which can be seen on the corner of the Vicolo itself and the Via della Conciliazione.

The apartment in the Vicolo del Campanile n. 4 was built in the 15th century. Some weathered remains of frescoes from that period are still visible on the façade. Vasari claims that these were painted by Giulio Romano. The paintings on the 1st floor wall depict “Four Imprisoned Dacian Kings and Armoury” and “Cowherd Attacked by Mercury”. The frieze above these frescoes shows the Medici coat-of-arms (a ring and three ostrich feathers) between two lions. The wall-paintings of the second floor show some mythological female figures and Argus with two cows. The frieze is again decorated with lion’s heads. The façade was restored in 1936.

One of its inhabitants was the papal executioner, Giovan Battista Bugatti. His nickname was Mastro Titta and he executed 516 people between 1796 and 1864. He was extremely meticulous and wrote everything down, therefore it is know that the executions took place at the Ponte Sant’Angelo, in the Piazza del Popolo or in the Via dei Cerchi. The last execution took place in 1870.

The apartment was later incorporated in the Palazzo Latmiral.

Vicolo del Campanile Rome

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