Vicolo Moroni Rome

The Vicolo Moroni in the Trastevere district in Rome gets its name from the Moroni family, who used to live there in the 15th century (Vicolo Moroni, 3).

Vicolo Moroni Rome

At the end of the century the house on that address was bought by Cardinal Giovanni Moroni. The cardinal lived there until 1504, when he moved to the Chiesa di Santa Maria in Trastevere. He then gifted the house to his, originally Milanese, family.

Two centuries later the house was sold to the abbot Navali and in 1780 it was acquired by the family Pozzi.

The palazzo, which consists of 3 and a half floors, has a slightly vaulted front door. One of the other three doors has been cemented shut. The coat-of-arms of the Moroni family (a dark tree with  a white background) used to be visible on the facade.

At the end of the 19th century there used to be a theater in the street (Vicolo Moroni, 23), called the Nuovo Politeama Romano. It was called Nuovo, because the earlier Teatro Politeama Romano, which was located on the Piazza della Renella, had been destroyed when the protective wall around the river had been constructed. The Osteria degli Orti Aureliani connected to the theatre used to be famous. Later its name was changed to the Trattoria del Lungotevere.

The theater  itself was later replaced by the Teatro Trastevere, which was in turn replaced by the cinema Multisala Intrastevere.

There are also some of the few (at least on this side of the Tiber) remaining ruins that are left of the Mure Aureliane in the Vicolo Moroni. These were part of the connecting wall between the Porta Settimiana and the river itself.

Vicolo Moroni, Rome

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