Vignanello city guide

Vignanello is a small town in the province of Viterbo. Its distance from the city of Viterbo itself is 20 kms, while it is about 70 kms from the center of Rome. Main sights are the Castello Ruspoli and the Santa Maria della Presentazione Church.

Vignanello city guide

Tourist information

Region: Lazio. Province: Viterbo. The address of the town hall is Corso G. Matteotti, 12 – 01039 Vignanello (tel. +39 07617563200). The ZIP code is 01039 and the area code is 0761.

By car/public transportation


From Viterbo by car: Take the SP1 in southern direction and then the SP25.

From Rome by car: Take the SS2bis and then the SS2. Take the SP1 at Gaballeta. Take the Via Vignanello from Trentamiglia.

Public transportation from Viterbo: There is a fairly regular Cotral bus service.

Public transportation from Rome: There is a (very early) Cotral bus once a day from Saxa Rubra. If you don’t feel like getting up early: Take a train to Viterbo first and then a bus.

Tourist attractions

San Giovanni Decollato Church Vignanello
San Giovanni Decollato

The most important tourist attraction in Vignanello is the Castello Ruspoli, built between 1531 and 1538. The castle and its gardens are amongst the most interesting ones of the area.

Another main attraction is the Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Maria della Presentazione, an early 18th century church, designed by Gazzale and Contini.

All sights

  1. Castello Ruspoli (1531-1538)
  2. Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Maria della Presentazione
  3. Church of San Giovanni Decollato: Constructed in 1614.
  4. Church of the Santissimi Angeli Custodi: Built in 1705, and situated at the top of the Borgo del Molesino. The confraternity of the Sacconi used to live here.
  5. Church of Saint Sebastian: Built in 1625 and containing a painting by Pomarancio (The Virgin mary with Saint Sebastian and Saint Franciscus).
  6. Church of Saint Franciscus, which was built in 1618 and initially was called the Church of San Biagio, who is the patron saint of Vignanello.
  7. Church of Madonna delle Grazie: This church already existed at the end of the 13th century and is presently incorporated in another building.
  8. Church of the Madonna del Pianto: Built at the site of a miracle.
  9. Church of San Lorenzo and the Convent of the Suore Passioniste
  10. Church of Santa Maria Vergine di Sudano
  11. Church of the Madonna di Maregnano
  12. Porta del Molesino (or Porta della Vignola), built in 1692.
  13. Municipal Building (1856)
  14. The Vecchio (Old) Palazzo Pretorio, constructed in 1618, and the Nuovo Palazzo Pretorio (the new one, from 1730).
  15. The Baroque Fountain


Vignanello has only been part of the province of Viterbo since 1927. Previously, the town was part of the province of Roma.

Special events in Vignanello

Festival of Novello Wine and Oil: This festival takes place every year in November. Visitors also get the chance to visit attractions that are normally closed to the public. (The 2013 festival will take place from November 15th until the 17th.)

Vignanello, province of Viterbo

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