Le Vignole Island Venice

The island of Le Vignole is located about a mile east of mainland Venice, between the islands of Lido and Sant’Erasmo. The island, which is divided into two parts by a canal, is best known for its natural beauty and its free roaming peacocks.

Le Vignole Island Venice

Le Vignole island Venice (fortress)
Sant’Andrea Fortress

The most striking aspect about the island of Le Vignole is its lush nature. It was therefore a vacation spot for the inhabitants of Altino in ancient times, just as it later became for the Venetians. Originally it was called “Biniola”.

The canal dividing the island into two halves is lined by house boats. A bridge connects the two parts. It is from this canal that the women of the island used to row to Venice itself, in order to sell the fresh vegetables cultivated on the island.

What to see

In the 7th century a small church was built on the island, of which however only the Sant’Eurosia Chapel remains. It is flanked by a small bell tower. The church contains a 17th century “Assumption of the Virgin”.

Military presence

There is a large military presence on Le Vignole. There is an elongated building, where gunpowder used to be produced. In addition, it is connected by a bridge to the Sant’Andrea Fortress, which was built in the 16th century, by Michele Sanmicheli. This was to ensure that the Turks could not invade the Lido harbor.

Public transportation

The island of Le Vignole is reached by vaporetto line 13.

Le Vignole Island, Venice

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