Villa Albani Anzio

Built in the 18th century, the Villa Albani in Anzio in the course of its history has been the property of several noble families. At present, the building serves as a hospital.

Villa Albani Anzio

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Villa Albani Anzio
Villa Albani

The address of the Villa Albani Anzio is Via Aldobrandini, 32, Anzio. Since it currently serves as a hospital, it can only be viewed from the outside.

History Villa Albani Anzio

The Villa Albani was commissioned by Cardinal Alessandro Albani in 1726. The architect was probably Alessandro Specchi, who had worked for the cardinal many times before and was also the designer of the (no longer existing) Porto di Ripetta in Rome.

The cardinal chose this place because of his hobby, archaeology. In fact, there were several archaeological sites nearby.

Many of the archaeological finds were sold by the Cardinal. Pope Clement XII was one of his biggest buyers.

Toward the end of his life, the Cardinal had his collection brought to Rome, where it ended up in the Roman Villa Albani.

A large number of works of art would later be brought to France by Napoleon.

Subsequent owners included the Borghese, the Aldobrandini, Pope Pius IX and Giovanni Mastai Ferretti.

In 1879 it was turned into a kind of guest house for poor children. Today it is a hospital specializing in the rehabilitation of severely disabled people.

Villa Albani, Anzio

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