Villa Altieri Rome

The Villa Altieri in the Esquilino district in Rome was built towards the end of the 17th century. The architect was Giovan Antonio de Rossi. Since 1975 the villa has been property of the Province of Rome.

Villa Altieri Rome

Opening hours and admission

The Villa Altieri is not open for visitors.

History and description

Villa Altieri Rome (1852)
The Villa Altieri in 1852. The gardens used to contain a labyrinth.

Construction of the Villa Altieri was probably commissioned by a nephew of Pope Clemens X, Paluzzo Altieri. He had given the architect the task to turn what was then not more then a country cottage into an impressive villa.

De Rossi had earlier designed the Palazzo Altieri near the Chiesa del Gesù, which belonged to the same family.

The gardens that were part of the villa have completely disappeared. Some parts of the 17th century villa are still there however, including tuff stone rocks and some classical architectural elements.

Two coats-of-arms of the Altieri family can still be seen, one of which surmounted by the papal tiara.

In 1975 the building became property of the Province of Rome. Before that it regularly changed ownership. In the course of its history it was used as a women’s prison, a convent for nuns and a school.

Address and public transport

The address of the Villa Altieri is Viale Manzoni, 47 – Rome. Metro: Manzoni (line A).

Villa Altieri – Viale Manzoni 47, Rome –

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