Villa Comunale Chieti

The 19th century Villa Comunale is the biggest public park of Chieti. It was constructed by joining the gardens of two already existing villas. The palaces of these villas are still overlooking the park.

Villa Comunale Chieti

Useful information

Opening times: The park is open 24/7. Ticket price: Free. (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

Villa Comunale Chieti
The artificial lake and the statue of Neptune.

The Villa Comunale was created by joining the gardens of the Villa Frigerj and the Villa Nolli together. It makes a typical 19th century impression.

When the park belonging to the Villa Frigerj started being used as a public park, a long lane was created next to it. This lane quickly became a favorite spot for evening walks.

Toward the end of the 19th century, the city decided to officially turn it into a public park. In order to do this, many alterations were needed. The area was divided into squares that were connected by walking paths. A large panoramic terrace and an artificial lake were created. Fountains, one of which acquired in the Paris Fair of 1890, were placed in the gardens. Rare and exotic plants were added to the local flora.

The buildings of the Villa Frigerj and of the Villa Nolli overlook the park. The former are being used as the seat of the Archaeological Museum, the latter as the seat of the Regional Seminary.

The ex-convent of Sant’Andrea, also overlooking the Villa Comunale, has been transformed into a military hospital.

The fascist era Casa dello Studente, with its rationalist architecture nextdoor, was conceived in 1936, by Giuseppe Barra Caracciolo.

Villa Comunale, Chieti

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