Villa di Corte Vecchia Semproniano

The Villa di Corte Vecchia in Semproniano is located just outside the suburb of Cellena. In the mid-13th century, Emperor Frederick II’s troops used the site as a home base. The original fortress was later transformed into a villa with a park.

Villa di Corte Vecchia Semproniano

Useful information

Address: Localita’ Cortevecchia – 58055 Semproniano. Phone: +39 0564 984075. Opening times: . Ticket price: . (Note that prices and times may be subject to change.)

History and description

In the Middle Ages, what is now known as the Villa di Cortevecchia, was the site from which Emperor Frederick II attacked the surrounding villages.

The fortified structure built in this period, during the Renaissance was transformed into a villa with a park. Although the surrounding area was changed into agricultural land, both villa and park still exist, virtually unchanged.

Part of the villa is now being used as an agriturismo.

What to see

The villa is decorated with mostly 17th century ornaments. Several of these have been organized to form a small painting and sculpture gallery.

Outside, you can find a small open air exhibition of ancient farm equipment and machinery.

The park is laid out in a so-called “Italian style”, with rather rigid symmetrical lanes, walking paths and flower beds, fountains and sculptures.

Villa di Corte Vecchia Semproniano

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