Villa delle Colonnacce Rome

The Roman Villa known as the Villa delle Colonnacce is located in the countryside (Castel di Guido district) outside Rome, just off the old consular road the via Aurelia.

Villa delle Colonnacce Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Address: Via Quarto delle Colonne – Rome. Tel: +39 06 6385256. Contact the GAR Guppo Archeologico Romano by phone or e-mail ( for mandatory reservations.

History and description

The ancient Roman Villa delle Colonnacce was built between the 2nd and the 4th century AD. It is constructed on a flat area inside what is now used as a municipal farm.

There are ruins from both the Republican and the Imperial period. Generally the working areas stem from the Republican era and the living spaces from the Imperial period.

The bases of the constructions supporting the roof of the threshing floor can still be seen and the round well in the center of the courtyard has also survived. The original floor was taken away. Inside the cistern used for collecting and preserving rain water the bottom parts of the pillars that supported the vault are still visible.

Two different spaces were used for oil and wine production. A press was connected to the tubs. The counterweights for this press were kept in the cellar. In the kitchen there were huge earthenware containers.

The living area starts with an atrium. Here the altar of the Lari (protective Gods of the house) was kept. There was a central marble tub to catch the rain water that fell through a square hole in the roof. The dining room floors and walls were richly decorated. Special hallways between the servants’ quarters and the most important rooms made sure the servants would not disturb the masters of the house.

The most impressive part of the villa was the peristilio, a central garden with a fountain lined by a portico. The roof of the portico was supported by 12 columns.

In 1976 the most important mosaics and frescoes were moved to the Palazzo Massimo seat of the Museo Nazionale Romano.

Via Quarto delle Colonne – Rome

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