Villa of Domitia Lucilla Rome

Below one of the best and biggest hospitals of Rome, the Ospedale di San Giovanni, excavations have brought to light an ancient Roman building. The construction has been identified as the Villa of Domitia Lucilla, or the home of the mother of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Villa of Domitia Lucilla Rome

Useful information

Address: Via dell’Amba Aradam, 8 – Rome. Phone: N/A. Opening times: The attraction can only be visited through  a request to the administration of the San Giovanni Hospital.

History and description

The house is thought to have been built in multiple stages between the 1st and the 4th centuries. Domitia Lucilla is also known as Domitia Calvilla and lived in the 2nd century AD. The emperor probably spent part of his youth here.

Villa of Domitia Lucilla Rome

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