Villa delle Ginestre Torre del Greco

The Villa delle Ginestre is among Torre del Greco‘s most famous historic buildings, if only because the Italian poet and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi stayed there during his stay in the city. The room where he stayed has been kept intact.

Villa delle Ginestre Torre del Greco

Useful information

AThe address of the Villa delle Ginestre is Via Villa delle Ginestre – 80059 Torre del Greco (tel. +39 081 3625121). Train: Villa delle Ginestre. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00. Closed: Monday. Entrance fee: 3 Euro.

History and description

Villa delle Ginestre Torre del Greco
Villa delle Ginestre

The villa was constructed in the 18th century by Giuseppe Simioli, a theology professor. In the 19th century it came into the possession of the Ferrigni family.

The Villa delle Ginestre was originally called Villa Ferrigni. After the poet Leopardi lived there from 1836 to 1837 and also breathed his last, the name was changed to the present one. The poem La Ginestra was one of the last cantos written by Leopardi.

The Villa is located at the foot of the Colle dei Camaldoli in a district named after the poet, Leopardi. The square building has two floors. In 1907, a portico was built around it on three sides, with huge terraces overlooking the sea and the volcano.

Since 1962, the Villa delle Ginestre has been owned by the University Federico II, which has loaned it to the Institute that maintains the Ville Vesuviane, although the building is not located along the so-called miglia d’oro.

Villa delle Ginestre Torre del Greco

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