Villa Jovis Capri

The Villa Jovis is the largest archaeological site on the island of Capri. It is from here that Emperor Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire. The villa is located on the side of the island farthest from the busy and mundane town of Capri.

Villa Jovis Capri

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Via Tiberio – Capri. Telephone: +39 081 8370381. Opening hours: From 11.00 to 15.00. Entrance fee: 2 Euro. From the town of Capri, it is an approximately 45 minute walk. (For those with some time to spare, from the Parco Astorita, just before the villa, one has a wonderful panorama of the sea).

History and Description

Villa Jovis

Already in the times of the Empire, the island was a popular holiday resort for the more affluent citizens. Emperors as Augustus and Tiberius came there for their vacations. Between the years 26 and 37 AD, the latter even ruled the empire from the island.

Today, ruins of Tiberius’ villa can still be seen. This Villa Jovis was spread out over several levels as a result of the hilly terrain.

The complex consisted of the imperial quarters, the throne room and the ambulatio, a courtyard where the emperor went for his walks. Of course, there were separate rooms for the servants.

The atrium, thermal baths and the huge cisterns in which the rainwater was collected and preserved are well preserved.

The villa stands in a strategic position on Monte Tiberio, a spur on the west side of the island. The view of the islands of Ischia and Procida is magnificent. Tradition has it that the emperor forced traitors and other enemies to jump down from here into the blue, but deadly, sea, which lies more than 300 meters below.

More remains from the Roman period on Capri

Apart from the Villa Jovis, one can visit some other ruins from ancient times on the island. The Villa Damecuta is located on a rocky outcrop almost directly above the Grotta Azzurra. The Palazzo a Mare is also known as the Bagni di Tiberio.

Villa Jovis, Capri

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