Villa Latina city guide

Villa Latina is a small village of about 1,200 inhabitants in the province of Frosinone. The municipality has existed under its present name only since 1862. Previously it was called Agnone. In Roman times it was a resting place for travelers on the way south.

Villa Latina city guide

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Vilal Latina
Villa Latina

The address of the town hall is Piazza Umberto I – 03040 Villa Latina (tel. +39 0776688015). The ZIP code is 03040 and the area code is 0776. The city has the following suburbs: Colle Cavicchio, Palombo, Panetta and Valle Grande.

A brief history of Villa Latina

The area around the present Villa Latina was already inhabited in Roman times. This is proven by numerous archaeological finds, which indicate that it was a popular resting place.

The current town slowly developed around one of the castles built in 1056 by Atina’s major landowners.

After long being subordinate, like the entire region, to the Montecassino Abbey, the town was conquered by the Counts D’Aquino in 1240.

In 1349, a severe earthquake razed the settlement to the ground.

In 1434, the Rocca Malacucchiara, one of the castles in the territory of the present municipality, was destroyed by the troops of Riccio di Montechiaro.

After this, the town was under several successive feudal lords. The first were the Cantelmo’s. They were succeeded in 1497 by the princes of Squillace. In 1606 it was the turn of the Gallio, counts of Alvito and Sora.

In 1833 Agnone, as the city was then still called, obtained autonomy and in 1862 it received its current name.

What to see

The main tourist attractions are the Santissima Annunziata Church and the Trinità Church, along with the San Domenico Chapel. The latter was built in the 18th century. Other churches include the Madonna dell’Orto Church and the Santuario si Sant’Anna (Vallegrande suburb).

The ruins of the Rocca Malacucchiara and the medieval village around it are also worth seeing.


Villa Latina is especially known for the production of the zampogna, an Italian version of the bagpipe.

Villa Latina city guide