Villa di Manlio Vopisco Tivoli

The ruins of the Villa di Manlio Vopisco are located inside the Villa Gregoriana on the outskirts of the center of Tivoli. The villa was commissioned by a Roman consul in the 2nd century AD.

Villa Di Manlio Vopisco Tivoli

Useful information

Address: Largo Sant’Angelo – 00019 – Tivoli.

History and description

The Roman Villa of Manlio Volpisco was founded in the 2nd century by the father of the man for whom it was named.

During a survey, an ancient aqueduct was found, as well as a pond used for breeding fish.

The Sacred Forest of Tibur (the ancient name of Tivoli) and the cave of the Sybil were on the grounds of the villa. Some temples were also located there.

Villa Di Manlio Vopisco Tivoli

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