Villa of Tiberius Sperlonga

The Villa of Tiberius is located south of the city of Sperlonga. Together with the Archaeological Museum and the Grotto of Tiberius, it is the biggest tourist attraction of the city.

Villa of Tiberius Sperlonga

Address, opening times and ticket price

The address of the Villa of Tiberius is Via Flacca, Km 16.600, 04029 Sperlonga, Italy (Tel. +39 07717683850). For entrance fees and opening hours see the Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga.

History and description

Villa of Tiberius Sperlonga
Villa of Tiberius

The emperor’s residence was 300 meters long. In addition to the living quarters for himself and his servants, it included a bathing complex and a private harbor.

The complex had a circular pool. This was connected to other pools located outside the palace, which were used for irrigation.

The emperor’s dining room is supposed to have been in the center of a square bath. Tiberius left the villa in the year 26, after nearly having died in a landslide. He moved to the island of Capri.

Villa of Tiberius Sperlonga

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