Villa Paradiso Turin

In the early 17th century, the Villa Paradiso (formerly Villa Boas) in Turin was owned by Giovan Battista Boasso. After his death, the grounds were donated to the San Giovanni Hospital.

Villa Paradiso Turin

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Villa Paradiso Torino
Villa Paradiso

Address: Strada Comunale Val San Martino Superiore 137. The Villa Paradiso is private property.

History and description

In 1736, an adjacent vineyard was purchased to facilitate access to the villa.

The hospital soon sold the villa, together with the vineyard, to Giuseppe Felice Bertalazzone d’Arache. The new owner ordered a complete restoration of the building.

In 1854, Count Lorenzo Castellani Varzi inherited the Villa Paradiso. He had the rooms decorated with paintings inherited from his uncle. He also had an elegant semi-circular terrace built on the hill overlooking the city.

At the end of the 19th century, the villa changed hands several times before becoming property of its current owners, the Colombo family.

The portico near the chapel is a 20th century addition. This chapel was designed by Bernardo Vittone. The designer of the villa itself is not known.

Villa Paradiso Turin

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